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    Qaida is the very first and an obligatory thing, a Muslim kid should need to study before studying the Quran. In simple words, it is a way to guide your kid correctly about right pronunciation of Holy Quran and makes him/her fluent and clear in Quran recitation. Below, we will talk about some of the simple and best tips to learn Qaida easily, so make sure to pay all of your concentration.

    Understand the Importance

    The very first thing you need to understand is the importance of Noorani Qaida. You might be thinking what is the link of Noorani Qaida with the correct recitation of Quran? Well, let me clear this perplexity of yours first. If you are not able to read Qaida, then you won’t be able to recite Quran correctly. Therefore, it is essential to go for the training concept that means don’t jump to Quran; until and unless you haven’t finished your Qaida. You can say this is the benchmark for you to get grip on Quran recitation. Moreover, Noorani Qaida help kids to develop better understanding about reading Quran as well as covers the Tajweed basic that is something, you cannot overlook.

    Proper Time is required

    If you think that a month or few weeks are enough to get strong grip on the Noorani Qaida or Quran recitation, then you are on a wrong track. Make sure to spend proper time in learning the Tajweed and basics of Qaida to get perfect grip. After all, this is a holy book that you are obliged to recite correctly. When you will give proper time in learning Qaida, it will help you to rectify your mistakes and gradually; you will become perfect. No doubt, perfect practice makes a man perfect whether it is your practical life or a religious perspective.

    Take help from a Good Teacher

    Without a teacher, you won’t be able to learn Qaida. Therefore, make sure whenever you and your kid start learning the basics of Qaida; an assistance of perfect teacher should be there. The correct pronunciation of the words and your way of reciting it is the main thing, you need to be focused about. Quran is a holy book of Muslims, so make sure not to make any mistake while reciting it. Thus, do all your best to get the best teacher who can help you to learn Quran or Qaida to make you perfect in recitation. Moreover, daily practice is required. In short, make your habit of reciting Quran on a daily basis for the perfect results. Also, a way to make your life blissful.

    Consistent Practice and Understanding

    The last but not the least; if you want yourself to be perfect in reciting Quran; don’t forget to do daily practice. Your understanding about Quran is very important to make you perfect in the recitation. You can also use online tutorials to get grip on Quran recitation. Moreover, there are a number of platforms that also offer online assistance to their clients in learning Quran. Therefore, take a wise decision that suits your demands and make sure to read the Quran correctly without making any mistakes. In simple words, be vigilant and with time, you will become perfect naturally.

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